Do You Have a Decorative Painter on Your Gift List?
Give them something they will love ...
A Gift Certificate for the!

* It can be redeemed for any merchandise in our store.
* Online gift certificates are so easy! Just enter the email for your gift recipient
   and we do the rest!
* Makes a great last minute gift because it's just an email away.
* The receiver will receive an email with the certificate number.  When they shop in our store,
   they will be asked to enter it in during checkout.  If their order exceeds the
   certificate amount, they can pay the remaining balance by Paypal or debit/credit card.
* Unused amounts will remain on their gift certificate until spent.
* No expiration date.
* Not redeemable for cash.

Enter the gift recipient's details below, then click SUBMIT to checkout and pay.

The gift certificate email will be sent to your recipient immediately upon completion of checkout.
If you want the gift to be delivered at a later date, please make your purchase on the day you want it to be delivered
enter your own e-mail address instead and print out or forward the email to the recipient on the intended delivery day.

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