FAQs About Downloading Your ePatterns/eBooks

PLEASE NOTE ePatterns/eBooks are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you haven't purchased or printed an e-Pattern before, we suggest you download one of our free e-Patterns as a test.

The ePackets and Digital Download Designs on our site are in ZIP format when you download them. Once the ZIP file is extracted you will have the pattern in PDF format to view and print.

About ZIP Format

Locate the zip file on your hard drive after it is downloaded. (Where it is saved to will depend on the settings in your browser preferences... but usually it will be a folder entitled "download" or "downloads" on your hard drive.

About PDF Format

PDF files can be opened, viewed on your computer monitor, and any or all of it can be printed on your home printer using Adobe Acrobat Reader... a free software that comes standard on most computers. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, or need the most recently updated version, you can download it for free at www.adobe.com.

Downloading Your e-Packet

After completing your payment, you should be redirected to a "Thank You for Your Order" Page that looks similar to the one below with a list of the ePatterns you have purchased. Just click "Download Product" next to each packet title to start the download the file. You may be prompted to specifiy where you want to save the file on your hard drive.

How to Download ePacket

I would suggest you create a folder on your computer's hard drive titled "ePacket Downloads" or something else that is easy for you to remember.  If you are not prompted, your computer will store the file in the default download folder specified in your browser preferences... often a folder entitled "downloads". You can search for the file by it's name which will be the Product ID#, such as "SP271EP.zip".


You will get an email confirmation with the subject "Thank You for Your Order # - DecorativePaiintingStore.com". (Don't mistake this one with your payment confirmation from Paypal or Auth.net). In the "Thank You for Your Order" email is the link where you can download your e-Patterns for up to 30 days after your order is placed. The link will look somthing like:

YOUR PRODUCT DOWNLOADS - You can download your files for next 30 days at the following URL

(if not displayed as a link - copy and paste the URL in your browser address bar)

Depending on your email setting this link may not show up as "clickable"... if it is not clickable, you can copy and paste it into your browser address bar. This is a very simple process.

How to Copy and Paste Your Link (if it is not clickable)
  1. First, highlight the link in the email - Place your mouse cursor to the left of the link address (url)  Hold down your left mouse button and drag your cursor over the text you wish to copy.  Release your mouse button. You will see the text highlighted! Right click and you will see a little pop out menu. Click on Copy. Your text is now copied to your computer's clipboard.

  2. Second, paste the link into your browser address - Place your cursor in the url (web address) box at the top of your browser page (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).  The url for the page you are currently on in your browser may already be there.  If that current url is not already highlighted, hold down your left mouse button and drag your cursor over the address text until its all highlighted.  Release your mouse button, but DON'T move your cursor.  Right click to get the pop out menu.  Click on Paste.  Your new link text should now be visible. You just performed COPY N PASTE.  You have now copied the text without typing everything all over again. 

  3. Third, press ENTER to go to the website page.


For some unknown reason a download link may occasionally throw out an error message. Try the download link for each product in your order, you may not get the error on all of them. Download those you can, then contact me and I will email the missing files to you.

Printing Your e-Packet

Printing colored pages will require a colored printer. For best results, we recommend you print the colored pages using your printer's best photo quality settings and a compatible photo paper. Using the same brand paper as your printer, does make a difference in the results. Due to printer differences, colors may vary when printed