Painting on Paper ePackets & More New Designs by Decorative Painting Artists

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Kate Belton has a wonderful new design for your home… Pots

Pots by Kate Belton

Who would’ve believed you could create such cute projects painting on plain on brown kraft paper???

Meet our newest designer, Catherine “Cat” Davis of Painted Paper Craftin’. Cat lives in California, and she creates the cutest designs using brown kraft paper as her painting surface. Of course, all the designs could be easily converted to wood cutouts. They are sooo very cute and should paint up quick & easy!
Here’s some of her fall and Christmas designs, we’ve just added to the store.

Cat’s brown-paper technique creates a finished item that is lightweight, durable, and weather resistant.

New Cyndi Combs Packet

Cyndi’s new packet… Wynter Kitties Ornaments… is already a hit and I haven’t even had time to announce it!

Wynter Kitties

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