Art Play Date 2015 Contest Entry

We are having a contest for Art Play Date 2015 and will be giving away free enrollments to 5 lucky winners. To get your name into the drawing, fill out and submit the following short questionnaire.  You have from now until July 11.  Winners will be announced on July 13. Just tell me your most favorite thing about online classes!  Is it the excitement of new projects?  Being able to look right over the teacher’s shoulder to see the technique?  The fact that you can watch the video over and over 4 dozen times until it sinks in, or you catch up?  Maybe you’re a night owl and like to paint while everyone else is sleeping?  Or the incredible value vs. taking a traditional class?  For me, it’s the fact that I can stay in my pj’s, and be my nerdy house hermit self, with no one is the wiser!  Except you, now that I’ve told you, and my hubby who has to live with me. Extra points will be given for creativity!

Jennifer Atkinson – New Designer at

I am so excited to welcome Jennifer as a new designer in my store.  Her first pattern is this lovely Hide and Seek Koi design painted on an IKEA lazy susan. Here’s a little background about Jennifer … Jennifer Atkinson-Arnold is from Malaysia. She has always had the interest in art and on her first trip to USA in 1988, she saw a Tole Painting presentation at Hobby Lobby Tulsa, Oklahoma which intrigued her. When she returned home, she was disappointed to note that this was not done in her country. She only found out many years later in 2008 that a friend of hers was teaching tole painting to which she signed up for classes with her immediately and learnt under her for three months. Due to the distance from where she lived to her friend’s home, she stopped and took up another couple of months of classes with another teacher. From then she began to invest in art books and learned from them. Now after 7 years, Jennifer has tried her hand at tole painting and has of late taken to canvas portrait painting with acrylics. She has become popular for her work in her country. She never stops wanting to improve her …

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DecoArt All About Second Chances – CONTEST

DECOART JUST ANNOUNCED A NEW CONTEST WITH EXCITING PRIZES! Refurbish a flea market find or hand me down using Americana Decor Chalky Finish paints, and send before and after photos for entry into the contest. GRAND PRIZE – $2000!!! GO HERE FOR MORE INFO ON ENTERING THE CONTEST