Decorative Painting Sometimes Means Painting a Room

Even though I’d rather be painting a new design, sometimes things have to pause while you take care of housekeeping chores. Our office has achieved the title of “disaster area”, so it was time to shut down and re-group. I’m giving us 2 days… hubby says it might take 2 months.

Yesterday we started pretending we were on the HGTV show, Mission-Organization. We went shopping for paint and new shelving. Then came home took everything out of the office and painted the walls. This took until about 10pm last night, and we were exhausted. (How do you get the crews from one of those shows to actually come in and do the work for you???) Dinner ended up being grilled cheese sandwiches, instead of the steak and baked potatoes I had planned earlier in the day. But this morning it was satisfying to get up to see the new fresh taupe wall color (a big improvement over the pale white-with-a-touch-of-mauve color… the previous home owner had a passion for pale blue grays and mauves and we are slowly covering them up with more “Pottery Barn-like” colors.

Today’s job is to start putting things back together. Rearrange the desks, put up shelving, and figure out where is the best place to position 2 computers, 4 printers, 2 scanners, external hard drive, DVD recorder, and large ethernet hub, then organize all the “stuff” you need in an office. So I’m really going to sort through and throw away 75% of the junk that was on my desk! I really love being things to be streamlined and organized, but I have a terrible time maintaining this state… I’m the ultimate clutterbug!

Well, off to organize! I’ll keep you posted how things end up.

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